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Suha El-Turk,

Founder of Suha Royal Sweets Desserts. 


In 2017, Suha started baking her Royal Sweets, in Amman, Jordan. After many attempts to find the perfect ingredients and quantities, supremacy was found. Her small production took off in no time, and had expanded exceptionally. A dream came true and Suha Royal Sweets; Desserts was born.


Today, Suha Royal Sweets is headquartered in Tunisia. Where it is owned and operated by Suha. She is also leading the research and development team, consisting of passionate researchers and recipe developers. 


Suha's Royal Sweets aims to reach a global scale, where our passion for artful food, dedication to quality and innovation defines each and every single piece of our products. We make sure to select the finest hand-picked ingredients, the delights are then tasted to preserve the same qualities that made our customers fall in love with our first batch of sweets.


In the spirit of the sweetness of extravagant desserts, all of us at Suha Royal Sweets invite you to a culinary experience to be shared with your loved ones.



             Suha El-Turk


Our Mission Statement

There is no better way to bring people together than with desserts.

                                                                                                                                                                       Gail Simmons

We at Suha Royal Sweets aim to innovate high-end delights standards; 100% natural organic & create the finest, indulgent extravagant desserts online. Allowing us to take part in your most personal and important celebrations and memories !





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